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This application has been automatically generated by Phreeze. This code should be considered a starting point with some of the repetitive work done for you. This leaves you to focus on the functionality that makes your app unique. Read below for more information about the technologies used to generate this application.

The default Bootstrap style of this application can be easily customized and extended with a drop-in replacement theme from {wrap}bootstrap and many others resources.

Generated with Phreeze 3.3.8 HEAD. Running on Phreeze 3.3.8 (phreeze-3.3.8.phar).

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Phreeze is a MVC+ORM framework for PHP that provides URL routing, object-oriented DB access and RESTful JSON services which are consumed by the view layer.

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Backbone.js is a Javascript framework that is utilized to provide client-side templates, model binding and persistance using AJAX calls to the back-end RESTful services.

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Bootstrap by Twitter provides a clean, cross-browser layout and user interface components. Bootstrap is a complete front-end toolkit with ready-to-use functional components.

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The following open-source libraries are used in this application: datepicker, combobox, FontAwesome, jQuery, LABjs, Underscore, Savant, timepicker, QUnit. All libraries and plugins have a permissive license for personal and commercial use.